Tuesday, February 23, 2010

FOR SALE: Paktrakr 800

I'm selling my Paktrak 800 with current sensor, serial cable, 4 foot remote extension cable and 6 remotes programmed for Lithium (48 cells). It was originally $751 and I'm asking $590. It is all in very good working condition. This would make a very cost effective battery monitoring system along with a BMS board like the EV Works BMS Cell Module or a shunt board like the Volt Blocher. Let me know if you are interested.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Manual Steering Rack

Earlier in the summer I had ordered a used manual rack from a '92 Civic, part number 53427-SR3-A01, for $90 from a salvage yard. After comparing the difference between the power and manual racks on the majestic honda site I also ordered 2 parts from Honda the "Grommet C, Steering Rack" 53503-SB2-010 and the "Steering Spacer" 53504-SR3-A00 for about $20, which Tim also mentions in his blog. Unbolting and removing the steering rack went well. The Haynes instructions say to remove the catalytic converter and the shifting extension arms.

I measured the distance to each of the tie-rod ends to help align the steering wheel. The manual rack went in easier than the power rack came out. But I wish I had done it before installing the motor and batteries. I'll drive it to Honda to get it aligned for $60. Removing the rack and installing the manual rack took about 8 hours. While this is a more expensive solution than a loop-back on the power steering fluid reservoir I think it is cleaner and handles better.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Quick struts

Since the del Sol had been lowered I knew the day would come to replace the springs. The big question was did anything else need replacing. Lowering kits usually just include the springs and can include struts too. The Tokico struts were pretty much toast so I ordered a pair of Quickstruts ($132.99 each), a stock spring and strut assembly, for the rear. It was pretty easy to remove the lower arm and drop the old struts but the outer bushing basically fell out. After calling around the cost of the lower arms ($97) from Honda was only a little more than both bushings and renting a tool to press them in place.

The new springs, struts and lower arm.

After taking the front wheels off it looks like the bushings on the lower control arms are good. Phew! That would have been much more work and $ replacing those.

Friday, February 5, 2010

EV Dashboard adds a BMS

The open source EV Dashboard project has added a new system, the Hardy BMS. A new beta specifically for the Hardy BMS, which also includes a Config tab and BMS Alerts is available.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Bluetooth onboard

With a 5v voltage regulator connected to the keyed 12v the IOGEAR Bluetooth adapter on the Paktrakr now works without the 5v Kelly. I'll have to wrap up all the loose wires.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

New controller & Kill A Watt

The Kelly KDH14800D finally arrived. It is larger than the B model and uses a 0-5k ohm throttle. So, I had to cut out the 5v input to the PB-6 because it was causing a ton of interferance with the potentiometer. The controller has great pick-up from a stop and could even accelerate from 30 mph pretty well. It topped out at 73 mph.

I drove 10.4 miles and recharged the pack. With a kill a watt meter it registered 4.47 KwH. So, 429 wh/mile. Hmmm, room for improvement? The brakes might be rubbing a bit, the tires need inflating, I was pushing the car to see what it could do and the Kill A Watt is measuring from the wall so it takes into account any loss in the charger.